"I will be honest... At first I went to Kristen's pilates reformer classes because they were close to home and was more curious if this could actually be an exercise form that I could "stick with", having spent many dollars at gyms and exercise classes over the years.

Now having been actively participating (because you cannot just attend :) for almost 10 months I cannot imagine life without Kristen or her classes. The small class sizes are great, I get individual attention and you can tell she really cares about her clients. Kristen's holistic approach to pilates has changed my life at home and at work. I came for my body but will stay for my soul."

- Barb

"My experience with doing regular pilates (twice a week, 8 months so far) has been amazing. The personal attention by Kristen, in a small group setting, is key for me. I love that it is exercise that leaves you feeling so good and strong, (and never injured or hurt). Building my inner core, and all muscle strength has improved all aspects of my life. Most noticible is that my right knee that has been weak and achy for years is now perfectly good. I can't believe it. I find since starting pilates that I am inspired to live a much healthier life by eating better and making better decisions for myself. Other significant improvements are improved quality of sleep, good digestion, better ability to handle daily stress, no shoulder and back tension (that in the past often progressed to migranes), better posture and much improved energy. I can't remember the last time I had a a cold, and as a teacher I used to get them several times throughout the year. For someone who has quit more exercise commitments than I care to count, I can definitely truthfully say that doing pilates under Kristen's expert and kind care has made all the difference for me. There is never a time I even consider missing a class. I look forward to every one of them. Thank you Kristen."

- Anne

"I was looking for an exercise to compliment my running routine. What I was lacking in running I found in pilates. Although I was cardiovascularly fit; I lacked strength, flexibility, upper body & core definition. I found that pilates is a wonderful compliment to running. I am now stronger and more flexible but I was surprised that my muscles aren’t bulky but instead are long and lean. I am not a coordinated person but with pilates I have gained a greater sense of balance with my body and mind. I already recommend pilates to everyone I know so I especially want to recommend Kristen at Loop because she brings it all together in an environment that is accepting yet challenging."

- Linnea

"I started pilate class at age 52. At that time my physical activity had been severely restricted for over 2 years due to joint pain and muscular weakness. Even walking had become difficult for me. After only 6 weeks I began to notice improvement in my balance, strength and endurance and I was suddenly able to drastically reduce visits to my chiropractor. After 10 months I am now able to do many of my former exercise routines with minimum discomfort including walking and some strength training. Pilate class has become a lifeline for me. Kristen is a tremendous instructor. She is patient, informative and encouraging. Classes are fun and socially interactive while also being physically challenging and rewarding."

- Gilbert

"Kristen is such a sweet, kind hearted person and a very involved teacher. She has taken a real interest in my success with Pilates.

I noticed a significant change in my body after less than a year of doing Pilates twice a week. My body is toned and I feel much stronger. And the stiffness that I had experienced in my neck and shoulders has been greatly reduced.
Loop Pilates is a MUST in my life!"

- Katie

"Pilates has made a huge difference in my life and I'm so grateful to have been introduced to it almost 2 yrs ago. I not only look & feel better, but have greatly improved my strength, flexibility and balance. Kristen is always well-prepared, adjusts my program when needed (including pre-natal) and provides encouragement during my work outs. While professional and thorough in her approach, she still creates an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. My advice to anyone thinking about Pilates is to get started now and start seeing immediate results."

- Anita

"I am 38 years old and been active for most of my adult life. I have tried every exercise known to man& struggling to lose those last 10 pounds without much success. My friend Anita had been raving about Pilates for the past year and had been urging me to try it. I figured I've got nothing to lose but my saddlebags and post baby ponch that's been hanging on for years, so I gave it a go.

Kristen's class was awesome! She is so friendly and knowledgeable and works one on one with you assisting you on the apparatus to ensure you are doing all the exercises correctly. After my first class, I knew I was hooked!

It only took about a month before my husband and I began to notice the amazing results. My hips slimmed right down (which I always found the hardest area to target) and I discovered "abs"!! Before long my skinny jeans were getting baggy and for the first time in my life I felt "bikini ready" for our winter vacation in the Dominican. This is the best I've felt and looked in years and have Kristen's Pilates class to thank for it. Thanks Kristen!!"

- Janet

"I was introduced to Pilates about a year ago. I was in terrible back pain from numerous injuries and a life of playing football and hockey at very competitive levels. I couldn't sleep very long in one position. I was in pain after getting off of a plane or out of a car after only short trips. My quality of life was deteriorating. I was concerned that Pilates wasn't something that a guy's guy should do, especially one who had spent the better part of his life lifting weights and running.

I started to see the results almost immediately. In fact after the first class I was pain free for a short time which hadn't happened in years. As the months have gone by, my core strength has increased and my back pain has decreased to where I can lift my kids and function normally. I have lost over 6 inches off of my waist and have good definition in my stomach, legs and shoulders that I hadn't had since university!

Pilates is a full body work out that leaves you feeling great afterwards. Kristen has been wonderful to deal with and works to create an environment that is conducive to everyone's specific needs. She is the consummate professional who is always pleasant and cheerful when teaching the class. I highly recommend Pilates to all men out there who have any type of back injury or just need to tighten up and become healthier."

- Rob M

"I have been working with Loop for approximately one year and the benefits are amazing, particularly since I have a condition known as Myotonic Dystrophy which affects the muscles. The pilates work out helps to strengthen certain muscle groups without stress. It helps me with my horseback riding and overall health. Kristen is a terrific trainer and the classes are often filled with good humour and laughter which helps with some moves which may be a little more challenging. I would recommend Pilates for anyone, particularly with Loop Fitness."

- Leesa

"I've been participating in Kristen's pilates classes once a week for just over a year. As the months have passed I've noticed many positive changes in my body. I have more strength, improved flexibility, and better coordination than I've ever had. While I've especially noticed improvement in my core muscles, pilates works my entire body and is a fantastic, well-rounded workout. It's never boring, always challenging, and a great stress reliever! (Take it from someone who has lots of stress!) Plus Kristen's teaching style makes pilates enjoyable - she's fun, supportive, and encouraging all at once."

- Kathleen

"My Chiropractor recommended reformer pilates as part of my rehab, 5 months after extensive surgery for a compound ankle fracture. I was fortunate to find Kristen while surfing the net for an instructor and started bi-weekly classes in January, 2009.

Pilates was a little intimidating at first due to my fear of re-injuring my weak ankle but it has been a gentle, pain free way to help strengthen and rehabilitate the ankle after the surgery. Needless to say other parts of my body have benefited as well, both physically and mentally.

Kristen is a kind and inspirational teacher as well as a great role model. If there is a space in one of her classes I would highly recommend grabbing a spot and holding on to it."

- Deb S

"I LOVE my pilates classes with Kristen. I used to run, but an IT Band injury over 13 years ago had made it impossible for me to run, hike or even go for lengthy walks. I decided to try reformer pilates because I knew it would be something I would be able to manage with my injury. I loved the classes right away, however, I was shocked when I began to notice that the pain I had been living with in my right hip and leg was much less and at times gone completely after class. The fact that I feel stronger than I have for years, can't wait for the next class and have met some great people are just an added bonus to the decrease in discomfort in my leg!! I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love these classes!!!"

- Tracey

"Pilates, taught by a dynamic and expert individual such as Kristen Sheehan, transforms the mind, body & soul to live better and feel lighter while at the same time enjoying the moment."

- Paola

"In 2009 I fractured my shoulder in a horse back riding accident. MY initial goal was to gain strength and joint mobility in that shoulder. Turns out not only are my shoulder stronger, more fluid in the joint but my entire body is benefiting. I've lost inches, gained strength bi-laterally and improved my balance and proprioception (where my body is in space).

The other challenge was that I am blind. The bed and platform serves as a perfect venue for exercising if you have limited or no vision. My seeing eye dog Nanoose loves coming too.

I'm an ex competitive swimmer and skier with years of various workout routines. The reformer Pilates is fantastic and I'd recommend it to anyone seeking balance, education, relaxation and strength training. The classes are great, voice leads us through various workouts she tailors to individual needs. Her 14 years of teaching is a rich history from which she draws to educate us on our bodies and minds.

Don't wait to try it out!"

- Lisa W

"I began taking Pilates with Kristen about four months after having my third child. With persistent sciatic pain and not much core strength, I was desperate to find something that would make me stronger and relieve my pain. I had tried everything from chiropractic to acupuncture to control my sciatica. After just one session of Pilates my sciatic pain lessened. In just a few weeks I was close to pain free. As an added bonus my core became stronger then it has ever been. Just one year later I am 2 sizes smaller then I was before having children. Kristen is kind, supportive, and an excellent teacher. I would recommend her class to anyone."

- Tracy P

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Positive feedback & testimonials

" Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit. "

- Joseph Pilates   

Positive feedback & testimonials