Kristen Sheehan
Pilates Specialist, BCRPA
Physicalmind Equipment & Mat Certified

Kristen is an alumni ambassador for Lululemon and the owner/operator of LOOP Fitness & Pilates Studio in White Rock.

Raised in the sunny Okanagan valley, I have a passion for outdoor fitness and like to share my passion for fitness with those around me. Working in the fitness industry has been a dream, balancing home, family and work I feel I have the ideal setting. British Columbia is our natural playground; we have hills for climbing and running, oceans and bays for kayaking and swimming, trails for blazing, mountains for skiing and snowboarding.

"Fitness is for both every age and fitness level. I personally believe everyone can be fit and healthy!" Working as both a fitness trainer and Pilates Mat/Reformer trainer for the past 14 years I have diversified my training with Yoga, Spinning and sport specific training.

We all face challenges in our life time; one of my hardest challenges for me was losing the 120lbs I gained after my son was born. Diligence and hard work is what it takes."effort in .. results out", so when clients tell me there is no way they can ever trim down and get fit I let them know their mind and body balance each other. Both need to be in agreement to reach a goal so if you set your attainable goal the sky is the limit~mentally and physically!

I believe fitness is both body and mind, both incorporating each other for a complete ideal workout. Maintaining a positive outlook on life and reaching beyond your expectations for yourself provides the ultimate rewards in life. Taking fitness to the next level is not only physical but mental. Incorporating Yoga and Pilates into any routine is a must for not only physical strength and flexibility but mental strength and flexibility.

Certifications Include:

  • Pilates Reformer~Cadillac~Chair & Barrel: PhysicalMind Institute, New York
  • Pilates Mat Level 1, Level 2, Level 3: PhysicalMind Institute
  • Peak Pilates Reformer and Tower Levels 1-3
  • Evoloution Pilates Reformer Advanced Training
  • Yoga: Integral Fitness (Annie Hewitt)
  • CPR and Industrial First Aid
  • BRRPA: Group Fitness Instructor
  • BCRPA: Weight Trainer
  • JOHNNYG Spinning: Spinning Instructor

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Kristen Sheehan - Pilates Specialist

Kristen Sheehan - Pilates Specialist